Hillary Clinton resisted this Monday the attacks of Donald Trump in a debate in which both candidates were shocked by their opposite views on the economy, racial discrimination and the credibility of both to lead the first world power. In the middle of a anticipation world, none has committed gross errors that could unbalance a campaign called. There was no out-of-tune capital of Trump, who made an effort to hold back. But Clinton managed to put on the defensive by questioning his credentials as a businessman, that they might accuse him of racism and to put in question his temperament to be commander-in-chief.

For Clinton, to discuss face-to-face with Trump, it was risky. Trump, in addition to property tycoon, is a star of the reality show and feels comfortable in the pressing catch show. For Trump, a candidate with a marked tendency to improvisation, to face for the first time with an experienced political as Clinton, and he is confronted with his own lies and exaggerations, also pose a risk.

New York, venue of the encounter

The duel of Hofstra University, in New York, ended up with more satisfaction in the democrat side that among the republican, but probably won’t assume a rollover. Remaining 42 days of the campaign, and two debates.

Each presented their credentials, without going off the script. Clinton, as a candidate of a domain detailed of the topics, without losing the nerves, smiling for much of the ninety minutes that lasted the duel, and showing his long experience in politics. Trump, little worried about the details, and with simple messages about free trade, crime or foreign policy that come to his electorate, composed largely of white men of working class.

Clinton sought body to body, in a constant attempt to cause one of the exabruptos of Trump. Between the moderator, Lester Holt, and the own Clinton, left evidence of their lies. For example, his assertion that he opposed the Iraq War in 2003 was contradicted by public statements of the mogul at that time.