The ancient techniques of the erotic massage have not changed much since its origins. This gives samples of its correct operation and its effectiveness. One of the main benefits of receiving this type of massage is that it delays the ejaculation in men. By social conditions or biological that did not come to the case in point, the premature ejaculation is a problem of difficult solution for many men.

That feeling of annoyance and dissatisfaction causes problems of distrust, but not in a reliable centre like MasajesHotel. Erotic massage gives tools for the man to enjoy more and live more intensely the moment and the sensations that you have with them, rather than worry or be fond of by the end result, or the cusp of the issue. Although it is only a change of perspectives, in the field real things don’t flow as easily, and massages can be of great help.

Types of erotic and tantric massages

    • Thai: The thai massage has been a classic in the relaxing massages and erotic to men. This type of massage consists of a start relaxing, with the use of natural oils, rubbing gently with the hands. The back always has to be the ideal option to apply this massage. After a leisurely start, the masseuse will start rubbing her breasts to the man’s body. The thai massage owes its origin to the culture of the indian subcontinent, where these techniques were applied for the relaxation beyond the sexual pleasure of men, giving way to the arrangement of the chakras, or energies, ancient and essential of the human being.

    • Nuru: The massage nuru is a massage that can be done with a partner, if you so decide. Its name is derived from a natural oil from the regions of nepal. This oil has a high fat content, so that the bodies end up being intensely slippery. The massage nuru can also be made individually in specialized centers. Your condition of bodies that move and glide but they do not fit firmly gives an intense and erotic in the person. In some specific cases, you can combine the massage nuru with the thai massage.

  • Lingam: The lingam, also baptized as a massage Kathmandu, the city to which it owes its origin, it is a massage aimed solely at the male audience. Highlighted by the frontality of their intentions erotic. To do this, the massage therapist makes use of natural oils of high quality, similar to the nuru. Is massaged directly to the sexual organ, using ancient techniques that give you a feeling of pleasure superior to that of orgasm. Masseuses specialized in lingam, or Kathmandu, possess qualities that allow them to delay to the maximum point of the ejaculation, making it more pleasant feelings of relaxation. This type of massage is the culmination of strategies ancient to align one of the chakras most important: the sexual. According to the wise oriental, the sexual chakra is the most powerful and allows you to target body, soul, and mind if it is aligned correctly.

  • Yoni: To avoid redundant comments, it is the female version of the lingam or Kathmandu. Although the purpose and the frontality of both massages are identical, the techniques used by the masseuse are completely different, and the preparation for both massage is not the same.