Relaxing, stimulating, and, above all, a good remedy to release tension. Massages provide interesting benefits for the physical and mental health, and in particular the holistic massage is a therapy designed to relax the mind and body, releasing tensions and stress, sworn enemy of the health. This massage also activates blood circulation, helps to relax the muscles and improves the health of the skin. A massage suitable for all areas of the body, especially the back, neck, hands, arms, abdomen, or head. If you want to relax on holidays, Barcelona is the best destination.

To perform an erotic massage barcelona, it needs a welcoming environment with a tranquil space wide, hard, relaxing atmosphere… And of course, towels and oils for the body. There are a lot of options in the market!

Sex and passion in Barcelona

Awakening the passion is as simple as carrying out these five practices, pre-sex both within and outside of the bedroom. Use your imagination and let yourself go because there are lots of possibilities so that you don’t get tired of sex. Doing new things and trying out these games turn every day into a unique experience.

It may be that at the beginning, your guy is not very willing to give a massage, but if you give it to you before him, may not refuse to corresponderte. The massage oils awaken your senses while relaxing your muscles and gradually go your way and entering into a mental state of disconnection and eroticism that will lead inevitably to bed.

In fact, almost all massages can become erotic, it’s up to the masseuse, so wish that the touching and rubbing to finish, awakening the appetite, or stimulating sexual fantasies. The effectiveness of these massages depends to a large extent on the ability of hands and fingers to press rhythmically the body of the couple, combining all of the existing methods and thus enhance the maximum pleasure. It is important to keep the cadence steady and slow movements, making sure they glide smoothly over the body, always exerting a pressure nice and stable.

Do it properly!

Once you have started the massage, you must not stop, keep on with rhythmic and alternating the shorts massages with the most prolonged and vice versa. Take advantage of your body weight instead of using the strength of your arms, and try not to lean completely on the bed or table massage.

The key is in the body to body contact from the partner, making special and careful detail in the erogenous zones of him or her. It seeks to awaken the senses by using a preamble ideal for the sexual relationship, by increasing hormone levels that encourage the excitement like other sex games. But the massage represents amore extreme and closer intimacy. It is loving, it is sensual, it is passionate!