Prostitution is expressly prohibited and prosecuted in Andorra. In this small country of the Pyrenees there are no brothels, clubs or saunas, but there are prostitutes and escorts. Few and very discrete, that’s true. They do not reside in the country, they are normally from barcelona escorts, but they travel to Andorra in the company of their clients or meet with them in a hotel. No one has to know.

Various agencies of escorts, as well as independent professionals, offer companions for business trips or pleasure abroad, but only one advertised openly, since this summer, services in Andorra through search engines and other websites focused on sexual encounters.

Brazilian and Venezuelan escorts offer dating secretly in Andorra

Half a dozen women of this agency, of nationality brazilian, and venezuelan, offered to contacts in Andorra. Usually, working in Barcelona, offering services starting at 150 euros, but its minimum rate shoots up to 1,200 euros when it comes to traveling to Andorra.

An entrepreneur andorran confirms that, more than discreet, escorts usually operate in Barcelona, make “escapes” to Andorra, where they usually come in the company of the same customers, most of them Spanish. “The andorrans do not do these things at home, we go outside,” he says.

Low-class brothels at the other side of the border

These sources remind us that the brothel of Andorra is located in the neighboring Seu d’urgell, on the other side of the border, in Spain, but it is a prostitution of the floors and clubs of road low-level.

Last April, a joint operation between the police forces of Spain, France, Andorra and China, coordinated by Europol, reversed an organization that prostituía chinese women throughout the peninsula, which is also operating in Andorra. Not residing in the country, where prostitution is prohibited, but in la Seu d’Urgell, although they made short breaks to Andorra if they called a customer. Rates of 60 euros per hour have nothing to do with the escorts.


According to a survey conducted in Barcelona, Spain has been noted that the number of women who turn to the escorts has tripled during the last decades: increase in attempting to explain since the birth of professional women successful that do not have time for their sex lives or simply do not want to have one.

When we talk about prostitution, many people think quickly in a man of advanced age, in general scoundrel or dissatisfied in their marital life or unable to find a partner to these heights of the life, hiring the services of a young man who is willing to around with the. However, the great variety of customers who are frequenting these escorts in Barcelona, is becoming more broad little by little, and not just because women require the service of other men, but because every day there are more and more seeking company of your same sex in order to test their sexuality.

In the last 5 years, the number of women are turning into escorts has tripled. Are not sure of their sexual identity, and do not have time to figure it out, they want to see if you like them, without having to go through all the rolls complicated.